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Lenten Kenosis Class Off to a Holy Start

Lent is a time when we seek out the obstacles in our way to a deeper relationship with God. One way to engage that work is through the process of self-emptying, sometimes called Kenosis. In our Lenten class, we will learn spiritual practices that help us identify those obstacles, work through letting them go, and engage with God in a clearer, more receptive way.

Our Kenosis series has begun, and we welcome you to join us for any and all classes, Sundays through April 10, at 3 pm in Grace Chapel. In our first class, we learned about the Ignatian Examen and the various forms it can take. We use this classic Christian practice as a way to check in with ourselves each day and help us identify those things which routinely keep us from experiencing God’s presence more fully.

Sometimes our inner obstacles are very good at hiding. Daily Examen is a direct way to face them, but a more indirect approach can often help us find those parts we don’t want to confront. So, in our second class we will focus on indirect methods. These will be physical practices that connect us to our body through exercises like walking meditation, progressive relaxation, and more. By focusing on their impact in our bodies, we will uncover those troubled parts of ourselves that hide from our awareness.

Once we have found some of the obstacles to our relationship with God, we will work with them using classic and modern Christian practices that help us to process, heal, and release them from continuing to be barriers in our lives. This is long-term work which in some sense is never fully complete. Our class will teach us tools to help engage this process more intentionally through Lent and beyond. We will also cultivate a warm and accepting community to support us with this challenging inner work.

Our class will culminate in practices that help us more fully experience God’s presence in our lives. This will help us to feel the fruits of our labor, remind us of the purpose of the work, and provide a starting point for the future. We will also find ourselves spiritually prepared for Holy Week and Easter. Join us for the full series or come when you can for a contemplative afternoon. Kenosis takes place Sundays at 3 pm through April 10 in Grace Chapel, led by Mike Mischler, our diocesan intern. For more information, contact or (626) 282-5147 ext. 0.


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