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As we begin to gather again on our beautiful campus, both inside and outside, this page will serve to keep you updated on the latest news.


Many of our small group programs will begin to transition back to meeting in person on June 1st! We live stream worship services every Sunday and have started indoor & outdoor worship services on Sundays.



Following a new directive from our bishop this week, COS will no longer require vaccinated parishioners to wear face masks while on campus and will no longer require distance between seating in the historic sanctuary.  COS will still ask everyone to bump elbows when greeting one another (especially when greeting small children since they cannot yet be vaccinated), but we will now invite congregational singing from vaccinated parishioners!  Communion will remain bread only for now, and we will continue to distribute communion as we have been during this pandemic. 


To be crystal clear, these instructions are for vaccinated individuals, and not everyone among us is vaccinated. Therefore, as your priest and rector, I implore all of us to love our neighbor by wearing a mask or staying home if we have not been vaccinated. 


Whenever anyone asks me whether they should receive the sacrament of reconciliation (formerly known as confession and absolution), I love to use the phrase “all may, none must, some should.”  I think this saying is apt for those of who have been vaccinated as we wonder whether we should wear masks or socially distance.  None of us who are vaccinated must, but all of us may, and some of us probably should.  None of us should fault, but rather reward anyone wearing a mask in order to love their neighbor.  I hope we still see masks with us in worship, as it is a sign of love.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.

Contact the Rev. Jeff D.S. Thornberg via email here:



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We are beginning to allow small groups to meet in person.  Please email info@cosepiscopal.org to find out more!

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Offices are officially open starting Monday, June 28th.  Hours are Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 3 pm. Questions? Email info@cosepiscopal.org

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For all worship (indoor & outdoor), for appointments, and for campus visits: masks and social distancing are no longer required for our vaccinated parishioners and guests. We ask that all unvaccinated persons continue to wear mask and maintain social distance.