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As a community seeking God’s eternal changelessness amid the chances and changes of life, we need your gifts, talents, hopes, and dreams. Giving financially helps foster an environment where the mission and ministry of our Church continue to be lived each and every day.

annual giving
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When you pledge to Church of Our Saviour, you are not just giving money for us to upgrade the HVAC system, you are giving so that we can create a bright and inviting environment for our community to gather to feel the incarnational love of God in our relationships. When we allocate money to pay our water bill, we do it because that water allows us to wash dozens of paint-covered hands in our preschool or fill hundreds of coffee cups after AA meetings and hospitality events. We pay the landscaper to cut and maintain our greenspace because we know our church campus is a sanctuary and respite from the hustle of a busy city and a chaotic life. We pay our staff well because we believe in the creative and innovative work they are doing to spread the love of God within and beyond the walls of this campus. We vacuum the sanctuary carpet at night and turn on the lights in the morning not because our building has become an idol but instead so that we are ready to host families coming to grieve, remember, and celebrate the life of a beloved family member.


Your pledge is the foundation for our common life and mission. Sowing God’s love in this community and in the world around us is what binds us together as a community of faith. We need each other to do the work God is calling us to do. We have mailed the parish pledge cards – if you have not received yours, please see the ushers on a Sunday or call us at (626) 282-5147, and we will be sure to get you a card. I prayerfully ask you to participate. We are better because you are a part of this community.


- Jeff D.S. Thornberg+, Rector

planned giving


Today’s gifts are important because they enable us to grow in our faith and reach out to others. Tomorrow’s gifts are equally important because they allow for the future ministry of our church. Through God’s grace and your generosity, Church of Our Saviour will be in a strong position to bring the message of hope in Jesus Christ to the people of the San Gabriel Valley for the years to come. To learn more about planned giving, please contact the church office by clicking the link below.

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