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Jubilee Homes Annual Fundraiser: JUST DAYS AWAY!!

With just a few days remaining before the 2nd Annual Jubilee Homes Celebratory Fundraising Dinner, anticipation is building for our event which promises to be both inspirational and heartwarming. This year's keynote speaker will be none other than Bill Doulos, the visionary founder of Jubilee Homes. Bill, whose selfless dedication has transformed countless lives, will share his insights and experiences, highlighting the organization's mission to support individuals transitioning from addiction to stability and self-sufficiency.

Three additional speakers will share their personal journeys of recovery facilitated by Jubilee Homes. One current resident, Berit, will speak about her ongoing recovery and the support system that has been crucial to her regaining custody of her daughter. And two alumni, Justin from the Fair Oaks house and Mia from the Washington house, will recount their stories of overcoming addiction and reintegrating into society as productive members. Their testimonies will underscore the impactful and life-changing work of Jubilee Homes.

Attendees can count on culinary and visual delights as well, with the dinner being prepared by Jubilee Homes alum Marcus Mendoza. Last year's guests will recall Mendoza's exceptional talent in the kitchen, which he’s honed as head chef for Impact Treatment Centers. His commitment to giving back to the community that supported him is a testament to the program's success. The delectable desserts will be crafted by Diane Goodrich, a beloved member of the Jubilee Homes family known for her exceptional baking skills. And all tables will feature beautiful centerpieces made with flowers from the Sacred Garden, thanks to the hard work of the Sacred Garden ministry.

As seats for this celebration are filling up quickly, you are encouraged to RSVP as soon as possible. This worthy event not only raises crucial funds to continue the mission of Jubilee Homes but also provides an opportunity to celebrate the successes and ongoing efforts of this remarkable organization. Don't miss your chance to be part of an evening that celebrates transformation, community, and hope. For more information, please email Fr. Tim Hartley at or call 626-282-5147 ext. 14.


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