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Introducing New COS Feline Staff Members: Bishop Michael Purry & Deacon Bill II

Bishop Michael Purry "Bishop"

Church of Our Saviour proudly welcomes its newest staff members: Bishop Michael Purry and Deacon Bill II. Hired as Associates for Paw-storal care, these feline tuxedo brothers Bill and Bishop (Bish for short) were adopted on August 3, 2023, from a foster agency in Granada Hills. They were born on the Ides of March.

Clerical cats are nothing new. They’ve been skulking around churches for centuries. Churches in the Anglican tradition have a longstanding habit of “employing” feline members of the cloth. Canterbury Cathedral cat Tiger gained viral acclaim during the pandemic for stealing the Dean of the Cathedral’s milk during live streamed morning messages. Children’s book author Graham Oakley wrote a series of books about a church cat named Sampson and his adventures with church mice around a small English vicarage. The COS children are already well acquainted with these books through their Sunday worship experience in Children’s Church, and Bill and Bishop are showing our kids that caring for God’s living creatures is a vital part of Christian life.

Deacon Bill II "Bill"

In terms of their personalities, Bishop instantly purrs—loudly—when petted, which inspired his name. He is sleek, wily, and graceful. Bill is … less so. But he’s steadfast, kind, and reliable, just like his namesake. Bill is going to be a big boy and is already earning his keep catching flies. They both adore playtime with people of all ages, especially when their favorite wire “Cat Dancer” toy and a Churu cat treat are involved.

They will be residing in the church offices (please keep the doors closed!) and are supported by donations.

Come to our offices and meet the newest COS members!

Would you like to be a Paw-storal Care Patron? Email Hannah at or call 626-282-5147 ext. 0.


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