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The Annual Meeting is required by our by-laws and is the time we come together as a Parish to celebrate our year in ministry, vote in new members of our Vestry, and see our progress! This year's Annual Meeting is in-person and online at 9 am on Sunday, January 28th. 



This year's COS Annual Meeting format will be just like last year's - a hybrid experience.  We will gather in person in the historic sanctuary and have an option for online attendance.


In my experience, annual meetings (and diocesan conventions) reflect the temperature of the group gathered. They are relevant when the mission of the church is relevant, and they are irrelevant when the mission of the church is irrelevant. They are contentious when the group gathered is lacking cohesive unity, joyful when the group is jubilant, anxious when the group is anxious, and so on. I have attended short annual meetings and diocesan conventions that were teeming with energy, and others that (though short) were a complete waste of time. I have taken part in extended annual meetings and conventions that left me wondering if my time was even being valued. I have also been to long annual meetings and conventions that were exactly what I and others needed.


I sincerely invite you to join us at 9 am on Sunday, January 28. Then, I will ask us all aloud, what can we learn from this time and this experience? What can we learn from the ways we have adapted and amended our common life to be relevant and sustainable in a changing world?

Contact Rev. Jeff D.S. Thornberg via email here:



Thank you to our retiring Vestry members for your incredible service to Church of Our Saviour. 

David Han, Sr.

Cece Horne

Paul Kilian

Meda Kim

John Vandercook

David Waller


The Vestry is a spiritual community that serves as a “board of directors” overseeing the financial, spiritual, physical buildings, and outreach ministries of Church of Our Saviour. Individual Vestry members serve as liaisons between the multitude of ministries at Church of Our Saviour and report on the ministries to the Vestry on a regular basis.

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We worship God, follow Jesus, are led by the Holy Spirit, share our faith, and serve in the world.

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