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Food Pantry Update

Well, we do so with a lot of grace from God, and some help from incredible volunteers!

Meet Daniel S. Daniel learned about volunteering at OSC’s Food Pantry from a community partner, the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps. As you can see from the picture, Daniel has the expertise in managing vehicular traffic, as he worked on the TARMAC at LAX for more than a year, directing jet airplanes to their jetways! How is THAT for a specialized skill?

When asked why he volunteers, Daniel simply stated what so many of our volunteers say: he “likes helping the community.”

Thank you, Daniel, for your service. You were an important team member who helped OSC distribute food to over 24,000 households in December! By the way, we distributed to more households in December of 2020 than we did in the entire YEAR of 2019!

Want to support the Food Pantry? Please click on to make a donation!

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