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Frank Chavez has been our sexton for the past 16 years at the Church of Our Saviour. Sexton is a Latin-derived name for the head groundskeeper/maintenance person. Invisible to some parishioners, Frank is often called upon by many others and by all of our staff, whenever something needs done or moved or fixed. He is responsible for keeping our campus in beautiful shape, and we all benefit from the peace and placidity that we too often take for granted at 535 W. Roses Road.

Frank is retiring at the end of March, so that he and his wife Maria and their three children and six grandchildren can enjoy one another’s company and celebrate their wonderful family. And Frank and Maria would like to spend some time traveling in their retirement years—just the two of them! Frank and Maria were born in Mexico and became naturalized American citizens together in 2016. They haven’t had much time together to see the expanse of their “new” country.

We are having a big farewell sendoff for Frank and Maria, complete with a Mariachi band and plenty of edibles and lots of love. It will be held in the appropriately decorated Sacred Garden beginning at 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 26. Parishioners are invited to attend, as well as to contribute to a generous purse for Frank to honor his many years of service here.

Your contributions to this gift may be in the form of a check made out to COS with the name Frank Chavez in the memo line.

Adios, mi buen amigo, and in between your travels when you return to the family home in Azusa, we would love to see you again, as our welcome guest! We will promise not to ask you to fix anything!


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