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A Thank You Letter from the Li Tim-Oi Events Committee

Dear COS parishioners and community members,

We had a wonderful celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Li Tim-Oi’s ordination and Chinese Lunar New Year on February 10th and 11th. So many of you supported the celebration with your generous gifts of money, time, and talent. Your contributions and hard work made this celebration so successful. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, particularly those:

-Who organized and oversaw the celebration: Vera Hoalim, Rex Botengan, Joanna Cory, Helena Yua, Ada Fu, and Jessica Jin

-Who decorated the Historic Sanctuary and Cleaver Hall: Vic May, Rev. Jeff, John Vandercook, and Hannah Riley

-Who arranged or served food: Vera Hoalim, Helena Yau, Lu ZhuFeng, Xie Qiang, Gao YunYing, Ruan Tian, Bai He, Charity Xia, Hu Ming, Youlanda He, Zhang WeiQing, Li HuiQing, Joanna Zhang, Vivi Zhao

-Who cleaned up after the events: Vera Hoalim, Rex Botengan, Katherine Feng, Rev. Dr. Thomas Ni, Rose Gonzalez, Matt Leos, Thomas Coleman, Vic May, and Robin Nixon

-Who sponsored the fundraising dinner and CNY dinner celebration: Rex Botengan, Patrick and Sharon Crandall, Rev. Katherine Feng, Vera Hoalim, Rev. Dr. Thomas Ni, Dinah Roberts, Jessica Jin, and Bishop John Taylor

-Who contributed to the organizing of the Art Exhibition: He Qi, Rex Botengan, Ada Fu, Kelly Zhang, Katherine Feng, Yu Hua, and Patti Beith

-Who came together for the special music presentation: our COS choir, instrumentalists, Alice Rucker, all choirs from the diocese, and especially Bob Crocker, who spent many hours arranging rehearsals with the Nightingale choir

We also give a big thanks to the Altar Guild for the purchase of the lion and the gong in the historic sanctuary, the lighted dragon in Cleaver Hall, the floral arch decorated by Nancy Duling, Juli Kennedy, Peggy O’ Leary, Phyllis Scorcia, and Carrie Voris, and for the centerpieces, especially to Carrie Voris and Julie Kennedy.

We thank Joanna Cory for her contribution in bringing aboard the Lion Dancers, and Mary Kingman and Ann Seitz for all the LTO vestments and liturgical hangings for the event.

Many additional thanks go to Hannah Riley, Carrie Voris, and Rev. Jeff for marketing the event through printed material, banners and other designs, the sale of t-shirts, and the creative process of adding a new dimension to all the decorations in the historic sanctuary and Cleaver Hall.

Gratefully yours,

The Commitee for Li Tim-Oi Events 2024


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