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Vine Family’s “Spying Eye” Brings Streaming to COS

Since 1985, COS parishioners Von and Kathy Vine have provided security surveillance services to the community through their business, Spying Eye Surveillance, Inc. Today, Grace Chapel and Cleaver Hall now have internet capability that enables streaming services throughout the COS campus, thanks to the Vine Family. Von, Kathy and Kevin have graciously donated not only the labor and materials required to duplicate the streaming system already in use in our historic sanctuary, but also their professional skillset to ensure that COS is able to produce quality streaming throughout both spaces of worship and Cleaver Hall.

“Since we’ve started this project, and throughout the pandemic, Von has been nothing but generous: with his time, his expertise, and with the quality of the work that he does. Von and Kathy’s generosity was even extended to the scheduling of the project, including the addition of any extra-time it took to complete this project. They’ve been the backbone of this upgrade, suggesting ways to improve, and to elevate the way streaming is done,” said Gabe Vazquez-Reyes, IT Director and Youth Minister. The project also included work from Von and Kathy’s son, Kevin. Vazquez-Reyes continued, “It’s incredible to think that only six years ago, Kevin was in my youth group. Now, he’s giving back to the Church in the most amazing way.”

Before the Vine Family began this project, there was no internet capability within Grace Chapel or Cleaver Hall. We are extremely grateful to Von, Kathy and Kevin for providing us with this essential service.


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