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Updated: May 16, 2023

In October of 2022, your Music Search Committee formed and was tasked with a fourfold mission:

1. To envision the church’s ideal music program

2. To consider our current music program as to possible modifications required

3. To design job descriptions for all the positions needed

4. To advertise for, interview, and hire — as finances permit — the needed personnel

To date, the committee has nearly completed its recommendations for a total “ideal” COS music program. Due to logistical and financial considerations, not all of the recommendations can be implemented right away. Current status is as follows.

Organist — Position defined, and Alice Rucker hired as organist.

Handbell Choir Director — Alice Rucker retained as director. Program funded privately.

Mandarin Service Conductor/Pianist — Jessica Jin affirmed and salary adjusted.

Staff Cellist — Dustin Seo affirmed and salary adjusted.

Children’s Choir Director, grades 2–5 — Privately funded. Position being advertised.

Choir Alto Soloist/Section Leader — Position being advertised.

Director of Music — Interviewing begins this week.

Extended Children & Youth Choirs Program – Specifications being developed.

4 pm Service — Musicians to be utilized as appropriate.

Special thanks to members of the congregation who have privately funded the Handbell Choir and the Children’s Choir programs.

Special thanks to Music Committee members: the Rev. Jeff Thornberg, the Rev. Dr. Thomas Ni, Debbie Andersen, Vera Hoalim, Juli Kennedy, Gloria Kilian, Paul Kilian, Robin Nixon, Patti Teele.

Questions/Comments: Please direct to Paul Kilian, Chair (626) 818-1958

Please keep the Committee and the candidates in your prayers.


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