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THE SACRED GARDEN Gets a Dose of Heavy Lifting

A Church of Our Saviour Picture Story

Last Saturday our Sacred Garden got a dose of heavy lifting from the Men’s Guild. The task: moving this little greenhouse/shed from behind our 619 Roses Road property into the Sacred Garden. Our property committee guru, John Vandercook, assured us that we could just pick the sweet little hut up and move it into the garden!

Ha. Well, maybe it wasn’t quite that easy? The project, led by Ed Anderson, was a little more involved than just picking it up and plopping it back down. But with the construction knowledge and pure strength of Ed, John Ballance, Dennis Duling, Jeff Ross, John Vandercook, Gary Kinsley, and Keith Davis our little shed was disassembled, carted wall by wall, and reassembled in the northwest corner of the Garden. The shed will be used (starting this Saturday!) as a greenhouse for seedlings for the Altar Guild flower beds and as a potting shed.

So many thanks to each of you - it was a lot of hard work and the Garden is so grateful to all of you.

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