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Stewardship Video Series: MEET PEGGY

In the third video of our Stewardship Reflection series, meet parishioner Peggy O’Leary.

Peggy joined Church of Our Saviour (COS) six years ago. She first started attending COS with her friend Jane Magwood. Peggy emphasizes how welcoming COS was, and how Sunday after Sunday she just kept coming back.

“It’s beyond church family - it’s family that permeates into all parts of my life,” says Peggy.

An enthusiastic Altar Guild member, Peggy recounts some her pivotal church moments, including her marriage to John Vandercook. She describes how her perspective on stewardship transformed when

John joined the property committee: “[Pledging] is part of taking care of this beautiful church - it's about being a part of this church.”

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