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Stewardship Video Series: MEET CARRIE

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

In our first video of our Stewardship Reflection series, meet parishioner Carrie Voris.

Carrie joined Church of Our Saviour (COS) in 2011. Growing up Catholic, she had been searching for a local church to attend with her young daughters while her husband, Jamie, worked for the NFL. Because her youngest, Addie, was at A Child’s Garden School, she took a chance and checked out COS.

Reflecting on her first Sunday, Carrie remarked, “It felt very at home.”

Throughout the video, Carrie expands on the themes of COS as home and COS as family. A Michigan native, Carrie’s extended family lives in the upper Midwest. She explains: “The things I normally do with my extended family but that I can’t do because of distance, I feel like I can give my time and love to my extended family at COS.”

To learn more about Carrie’s story, go to

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