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Special Series this Lent

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Join us for one or all of our special series this Lent

Kenosis – Lenten Practices of Self-Emptying

Starts Sunday, March 6th

3 pm in Grace Chapel

Led by Mike Mischler, our diocesan intern

Join us Sundays at 3 pm throughout Lent in Grace Chapel for a contemplative class series based on the Christian practice of self-emptying known as Kenosis. Each week we will explore a new practice, engage with it and discuss our experiences. We will progress through practices that connect us with our emotional responses, then work through and release some of those which may be hindering our relationship with God. The series will culminate in exercises that help us more fully empty ourselves and prepare us for Easter. Join us any Sunday in Lent, or for the whole series, March 6–April 10. For more information, contact or (626) 282-5147 ext. 0.


Living Compass Wellness Circle

Starts Monday, March 7th

6 pm (Grace Chapel)

Led by the Rev. Anne Thornberg

Lent is a time for introspection and self-reflection, a time to reflect on the core of what it means to live a Christian life and where God is calling you in this season of your life. This Lenten season, the Rev. Anne Thornberg will facilitate a “wellness circle,” which is a program offered through the Living Compass Curriculum. The Living Compass is a “spiritually grounded approach to wellness” created by Scott and Holly Stoner of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

In the wellness circle, participants will discuss how their faith informs their wellness and the daily decisions they are making in their lives. Participants will assess their current state of balance and wellness, learn important lessons about change, and set weekly goals for changes they feel called to make. You can find more information at the Living Compass website:

The wellness circle is a group of 6–8 people who will gather for 6 weeks on Monday evenings at 6 pm, beginning on March 7 and running to April 11. We will only have one group, so space is limited.

If you are interested in joining the group or learning more, please contact Annie at or call (626) 282-5147, ext. 0.


Learning from the Ten Commandments

Starts Wednesday, March 9th

11:30 am ( During the Wednesday Healing Service on Zoom)

Led by the Rev. Reese Riley, retired priest and Hannah’s dad

They were HEAVY, those Ten Commandments. The Ten are carved in stone above courthouses and displayed prominently in schoolrooms and church sanctuaries. My Sunday school class in the Bible Belt played them like a cast iron “get-out-of-Hell” card.

In college I came to know them as the Decalogue (ten words) which formed a covenant, aka the Old Testament. My Reformed Jewish friend, mentor and life coach Leonard Felder explored them in his book

The Ten Challenges. (Felder’s psych professor at Kenyon College said that all you needed to know about psychology was in the Ten Commandments!)

In my Healing Service Reflections during Lent, I will be not only be surveying Felder’s book but adding my own twist: The Ten Paths to Happiness. It is not necessary to buy the book!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Hannah at or call 626-282-5147 ext. 0.


Prayer Warriors – A Lenten Practice of Praying for Each Other

Starts Sunday, March 6th

Led by Juli Kennedy

Lent is an opportunity to be very intentional in our individual spiritual practices. Some choose to “give up” something, others choose to take on other spiritual practices that prepare each of us for the joy of Easter. The past few years, Church of Our Saviour has given members an opportunity to intentionally pray for each other. This Lenten practice will be offered again this year.

Each person who wishes to join us will receive a list of names of other individuals in our parish. You will pray for the people on that list, from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday. You may contact the individuals on your list, if you choose, to see if there are concerns that they would like special prayer for, or you can pray the general intention for the week. Each week, the theme of prayer will be slightly different. For example: Week 1 – Pray that the individuals on your list might see God in the world around them. Week 2 – Pray that the individuals on your list may feel God’s love in their life.

This wonderful opportunity to create connections with others in our church was first presented to us by Charlotte Van Fleet. If you are interested in praying for others in our church family, please call or email Juli Kennedy by Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Lists will be distributed by Sunday, March 6.

Reach Juli Kennedy at or by phone/text at (818) 203-2602.


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