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Letter of Gratitude from the REV. DEACON KATHERINE FENG

Greetings to my dear siblings at COS,

I am writing to you today with great joy and deep gratitude. Ever since I came to the Church of Our Saviour in 2014, I have learned so much from all of you about how to practice our Christian faith in and out of our beautiful church building.

Thank you all for being so loving and inspiring – as it has led me to discern my calling to the sacred order of priests. From a discernment committee at COS in 2015, to 3 years of IONA seminary studies, to the General Ordination Exam earlier this year, every step on this servanthood journey has been amazing but also challenging. I could not have come this far without your prayers and support.

I feel so blessed and privileged to have had the opportunities to serve our church with so many beautiful and faithful people together in both the English and Mandarin Sunday services, the vestry, the strategic point person team, the profile committee, the search Committee, and the Mandarin lay leaders team. I have tried hard to be a bridge between my English speaking and Mandarin speaking siblings. As such, I was so deeply moved by the kindness and generosity from both sides of my spiritual family. It was in this incredible community that my Christian faith and priesthood calling was nurtured and strengthened.

Being ordained as a transitional Deacon in my beloved home church was such a blessing to me. June 12, 2021, will be one of the most important days in my life not only because it was the day that I solemnly made a personal covenant with God in responding to His calling, but also it was a holy and testifying moment for COS’s collective response to God’s calling by selflessly and unconditionally raising up more clergy for the Church. I am deeply grateful to everyone who celebrated with me on that day in person or online. I am also deeply grateful to everyone who has loved me and supported me in every way in the past. I have been transformed and lifted up by your abundant love and I look forward to being encouraged and supported by your love in the future while I continue to serve God’s people with you all together in a different title but with a same heart.

Peace and love,


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