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Letter from Fr. Tim: WEEKDAYS IN LENT AT COS

Dear COS Family,

This past Sunday saw a lot of activity on the COS campus. Between Fr. Jeff’s class on the Gospel of Mark, Rev. Annie’s parenting group, or Hannah Riley’s Master Acolyte class, there was a Lenten offering for everyone. For those of you who want even more, let me draw your attention to two weekday offerings occurring every week throughout the season of Lent.

I will be leading morning prayer Mondays through Thursdays at 8:00 am in St. Luke’s Chapel. St. Luke’s Chapel is the small worship space in the main church, on the lectern side of the historic sanctuary. There are two pews there and plenty of prayer books! The service follows the Morning Prayer, Rite Two from the Book of Common Prayer. Our service offers no homily but does include prayers read in unison, a time for intercessions and thanksgivings, and readings from the Old and New Testaments. In fact, the readings are sequential, day by day, so by the end of Lent we will have read large sections of books of the Bible. You do not need to be familiar with morning prayer or even the Book of Common Prayer, as I will lead each service. This is a wonderful way to start your morning, in 30 minutes each day.

The second offering is led by Fr. Reese Riley, COS’s newly appointed Senior Adjunct Clergy (DOD). Every Wednesday at 11:30 am during Lent, join us for our Healing Service, either in person in Grace Chapel or on Zoom (Meeting ID: 861 6383 9711; Passcode: healing). The service follows the Noonday Prayer service from the Book of Common Prayer, with appointed readings for Wednesdays in Lent. Using Richard Rohr’s book Breathing Underwater as guide, Fr. Riley will offer a series of reflections exploring Lenten topics like repentance and renewal. Please join us on Wednesdays for this special series!

Everyone is welcome at any time, so please consider adding Morning Prayer and/or our Healing Service to your Lenten practice this season.



Associate for Recovery Ministries and Pastoral Care


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