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COS: A Church for the Future

Most people think of vision as using our faculty of sight to take in that which can be seen. But there is another kind of vision which helps forward-thinking people see things that are not visible with the naked eye. Webster’s Dictionary defines this kind of vision as “planning for the future with wisdom and imagination.”

Imagine where this parish would be — if, indeed, we would be at all — if in 1867 Frances Jones Vinton had not envisioned her little “Church of the Savior” standing proudly in the midst of a San Gabriel Valley orange grove. What did the Rev. Archibald Trew see in 1883 when he organized the Convocation of Episcopal Churches and established several new places of worship, with COS as the hub? A century later, what a powerful vision it was that motivated parishioner Doris Dann to work tirelessly with church leaders to establish El Monte’s Our Saviour Center in 1987.

People like these are still around! Ours is a church rooted in the past but also one that looks to the future. Led by the Rector, your Vestry, and the Strategic Planning Team, we are looking ahead with a renewed sense that God is calling COS to become an even brighter light in our community and the world.

During this month, our “Month of Discernment,” we have met with the congregation at a Sunday Forum and also at the new rectory. Two more such events will take place: This Saturday, May 21, the Strategic Planning Team will host an afternoon tea in the Sacred Garden (located behind the small staff parking lot, adjacent to the San Gabriel Cemetery) from 4 to 6 pm. The Month of Discernment will culminate on Wednesday, May 25 with a Celebration Dinner & Wine Tasting in Cleaver Hall, beginning at 5:30 pm.

These events are offered at no charge and provide a chance for parishioners and friends to gather to discuss strategic planning and to begin to think more intentionally about our future. No reservations are necessary for the Sacred Garden tea, but please RSVP for the dinner to Ed Andersen at or by phone: 626-422-7969.

Also, please fill out the Strategic Planning survey that is available at Sunday services or in the church office. A user-friendly electronic version can be accessed on the COS website at We look forward to seeing you!


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