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Clergy and Staff Attend Asiamerica Ministries Conference

Our own Father Jeff and Father Thomas along with Dustin Seo, staff cellist and head of the Laos Chamber Music ministry, will attend the Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries Conference, September 21–25 in Minneapolis. The theme for this year’s conference is “God Sees Us” and will mark this occasion that a rector under the age of 40, a first-generation Chinese priest, and a second-generation Korean cellist from COS will be in attendance.

The conference assists dioceses in forming and strengthening existing Asian congregations. It seeks to empower advocates within all levels of the Episcopal Church and provide resources on church revitalization, mission work, and racial justice among Asian communities within the United States.

Conference workshops will address topics that bridge Asiamerica within the church, such as Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion; Strategizing for Community Visibility; and Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry.

The term Asiamerican describes both Asian immigrants and Asian Americans born in the United States, and includes those of the many different Asian nations and their descendants. The conference seeks to unite in discourse the relationship between Asians in the United States with Asian Episcopalians and Asian Anglicans in the global Asian community.

“I am so excited to learn from the content of this conference while celebrating the amazing gifts Fr. Thomas and Dustin bring to COS,” Fr. Jeff remarked. “I look forward to celebrating what others throughout the country are doing by attending this conference.”

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