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A Celebration Night with the Dodgers! - JUBILEE GAME NIGHT BACK AFTER HIATUS

Jubilee Homes went to Dodger Stadium on Wednesday evening, July 6th, to witness the Boys in Blue beat the Rockies 2–1 with a walk-off infield single in the 9th inning. About 60 Residents and Alumni and their friends and children, as well as Board members, enjoyed the game. But more important than the victory was the renewed fellowship that was enjoyed by all, complete with hot dogs and peanuts.

Up until the pandemic, Jubilee Homes would visit the Dodgers once or twice a year as a group outing.

Group tickets used to cost us $10 each, and now they cost $18, plus I paid $10 for a soda—on my birthday, no less! But this year we were helped out financially by a gift of $500 from one of our Alumni, Mitch. He and his wife are great Dodger fans who now live in South Dakota. They were looking for a home to buy as close to Chavez Ravine as possible, and they found one near South Dakota!

Mitch is actually a child of this Church who came to stay with us at the Raymond House in 2013. He rejoined his wife, Tammy, six months later, when he graduated from our care a free and sober man. Mitch and Tammy are enjoying their life in retirement. They continue to root for the Dodgers, and they keep in touch with their friends at Jubilee.

So thank you, Mitch and Tammy, for a night to remember at

the old ball game!


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