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(Y)our Saviour Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Richard

Richard is a local food bank volunteer who came to OSC’s Food Pantry when he wanted to help out at a location closer to home. “I worked at a few food banks before coming to OSC, found OSC and fell in love with the people and the organization. Feels like family. My desire to help the less fortunate and homeless fuels my drive in working the food


Volunteering at OSC’s Food Pantry for about a year, Richard continues to dedicate his personal time to OSC because “the workers feel like family. Every week we see new faces and new people that want to make a difference.”

Richard describes our campus as caring and fun, and wants everyone to know about Our Saviour Center. Why? Because “the people at OSC all have heart. And it shows at the end of each day: you’re appreciated more here than at any other food bank. I would recommend it to everyone and [volunteering] is something that connects you with your community.” We are grateful for volunteers like Richard, who care so deeply about fighting food insecurity and for their dedication in supporting OSC’s Food Pantry.

Read more about Richard in OSC’s September Newsletter and meet him in person at Our Saviour Sunday on 9/26, where he will be a featured speaker at the 8am and 10am services.


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