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(Y)our Saviour Volunteer Spotlight: Laura and Karen

Laura and Karen are recent UCLA graduates who began volunteering at our Food Pantry in April 2021. Karen “thought volunteering would be a good use of my extra time, and Laura always seemed to enjoy her time volunteering with OSC,” so she started volunteering, too.

“I wish other people knew how not only fulfilling but also how fun it is to volunteer at OSC!” Karen described.

“Volunteering at OSC has changed me because it has shown me the increased need for food that the pandemic has caused. I have volunteered at Food Pantries in the past, but I have not seen as many clients come through as I have seen here. Covid-19 was tough on many families, and the need for Food Pantries remains high. Food pantries are an essential part of a community that relies on volunteers to keep the operation going smoothly.”

When asked what was unique about OSC’s Food Pantry, Laura answered “the amount of food distributed in one day! Our Saviour Center is able to reach a much larger group of people than most other agency sites I have visited.”

We are grateful for volunteers like Laura and Karen, who care so deeply about fighting food insecurity and for their enthusiasm in supporting OSC’s Food Pantry. Congratulations Class of 2021!

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