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Although baptized Presbyterian, Janey Cutting considers herself a cradle Episcopalian. As a small child, Janey began her spiritual journey at All Saints in Pasadena, but came to Church of Our Saviour when she had a young family of her own. Her first Sunday at COS was Palm Sunday of 2000, where she instantly felt “at home”. Over the last twenty plus years, Janey has been a senior high youth leader, a member of the vestry three times, and was even hired to work in hospitality part-time, assisting with events, volunteers and the kitchen in Cleaver Hall.

Years later, Janey experienced the most difficult time in her life. “I would not have made it through my divorce without COS. I was terrified.” A small group of women were pulled together by Gary Bradley, two of whom were known to Janey, one who was not. These women met with Janey once a month to help, console, and support her through an ordeal that left her depressed and bewildered. “I couldn’t have done it without the community of people here,” she explains.

Janey has been with COS through its own ups and downs and believes in COS’s future. “Having Jeff Thornberg and his young family here attracts younger families. This is what excites me about COS. He’s young, energetic, has new ideas and I like his vision. He’s got youth, energy, and the spirituality that I really identify with.” Janey hopes COS continues to grow and that those who consider COS their spiritual home see the importance of giving. “It’s a way of buying in - making a commitment when you pledge - that says ‘this is my place, my home, and I support you.’ I want COS to thrive because it’s important to me. I pledge because I love my church. I love the people. I love our rector. I want to support COS in every way I can,” she states. “The reason we give is to ensure the church operates. While we are blessed with the endowment, we can’t use it to survive; our stewardship gifts keep us afloat. We have to give or we can’t exist.”


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