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Welcome Mike Mischner for his year of discernment at Church of Our Saviour

Dear siblings in Christ,

I’m writing to introduce someone special who will be with us at Church of Our Savior during this coming year. Here among us, Mike Mischler will embark on a year of reflection with hopes of discerning where God might be calling him in his vocation. In the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, individuals are now required to spend a year in a congregation different from their sponsoring congregation; they go through a process that includes a year of discernment in their sponsoring parish and then a year in a different congregation before attending seminary to receive academic training. The overall program is designed to offer folks like Mike an opportunity to be challenged and to grow in his ministry in order that he might discern God’s will for him. You likely remember our last intern – Kelly Lauer! However, unlike Kelly, he will be with us in the afternoons as he has a Sunday morning engagement.

Mike has already begun his year with us – he started on the first Sunday of Advent, and he will continue with us until August 2022. His presence represents an opportunity for Church of Our Saviour: while he will not be paid by COS (or any other entity) for his role, and is not ordained, he will however assist in preaching and with the liturgy, as well as participate in the altar guild, assist at our 4 pm Garden service on Sundays, and other activities. Over the next several months, I will meet with Mike regularly. Mike will also have the benefit of a discernment committee at Church of Our Saviour for him to pray, reflect, and grow with. At the end of his time with us, Mike, the Commission on Ministry, and Bishop John will decide where God might be calling Mike in his vocation. It may or may not culminate in his being ordained, and it may or may not be a calling to be ordained as a priest. Our role is to assist him with this discernment.

Having already earned his master’s of divinity at Claremont School of Theology and Bloy House Episcopal Seminary, Mike is excited to put his education into practice and help people cultivate a deeper relationship with God through prayer, contemplation, reading, and relationships. He has been a member at St. James Church in South Pasadena since 2016, where he has been a part of everything from assisting at their food bank to serving on the Altar Guild and the Vestry.

Mike is currently the Director of Formation at St. Mark’s in Altadena. In that role, he creates many different educational programs. Throughout the pandemic, he taught online adult formation courses. He still teaches online courses after the family service, which have stayed on Zoom. This means he has gotten a lot better at “crafting” and can tell you more than eight ways to make your own Advent calendar at home. He leads the Youth Group and is involved in the church’s efforts to reconnect them with the congregation post-COVID. Finally, he preaches at St. Mark’s on a regular basis and helps maintain their website.

Mike has a wife and two children whom he says are a constant source of joy and support. Their dog, Betsy, helps keep everyone in line. In his spare time, Mike likes playing games with friends, seeing movies at the movie theater, and telling terrible dad jokes.

As we always say at Church of Our Saviour, we are better because you choose to spend your time among us. We are delighted that Mike is choosing to spend his time among us! I am excited to spend time with Mike and to see how his gifts, experiences, and insights might help me grow. Please help me in welcoming Mike to our congregation.




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