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Letter from the Rector: Annual Meeting 2021

Dear siblings in Christ,

Next Sunday, February 27, we will gather for the Annual Meeting. There will first be a breakfast offered for all at 8 am in Cleaver Hall. At 9 am, we will begin worship in the historic sanctuary, and the Annual Meeting will serve as the Liturgy of the Word.

We will be holding the meeting in the sanctuary for live streaming purposes. If you plan to join us via the livestream and would like to voice and/or vote, please email before Friday, Feb. 25, in order to receive a Zoom link. We will email you the link. All are welcome to watch via YouTube without prior registration.

In my experience, annual meetings (as well as diocesan conventions) reflect the temperature of the group. They are relevant when the mission of the church is relevant, and they are irrelevant when the mission of the church is irrelevant. They are contentious when the group gathered is lacking cohesive unity, joyful when the group is jubilant, anxious when the group is anxious, and so on. I have attended short annual meetings and conventions that were teeming with energy, and others that were a complete waste of time. I have taken part in extended annual meetings and conventions that left me wondering if my time was being valued. I have also been to long annual meetings and conventions that were exactly what was needed by myself and others.

I sincerely invite and encourage you to join us at on Sunday, February 27. On that day I will ask us all aloud, what can we learn from this time and this experience? What can we learn from the ways we have adapted and amended our common life to be relevant and sustainable in a changing world?




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