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Letter from the Rector: Advent and Reception of Communion

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

To a person, 2020 has proved to be a year filled with destruction, suffering, fear, and anxiety. Hyperpolarization, inequality and immaturity seem a lot more abundant than the Good News of Jesus Christ. And yet, we believe and proclaim that we are a resurrection people. We proclaim in word and deed that the tomb is empty and light over comes darkness. Hallelujah! I am not there right now. Are you?

For all of us, any proclamation of Easter this year will be broken. Any celebration will continue to be imperfect. What does it mean to assert that light over comes darkness when it is still dark? What does it mean to proclaim a broken Hallelujah?

Dear siblings in Christ,

Sunday, November 29th marks the first Sunday in Advent, the literary season in which we prepare, expect, and anticipate the second arrival of Jesus while we simultaneously remember his humble birth two thousand years ago in Bethlehem. It is a season of hope, peace, love, and joy. Has there ever been a more appropriate time in life for us to come together in prayer? Have you ever been more aware of our individual and collective need for God’s grace, healing, and sustaining? To that end, I invite you into a holy Advent this season. Here at Church of Our Saviour, we are working to provide resources through which we all might live into this season’s themes, hope and light.

A few notes as we get under way. First, our Saturday and Sunday meeting times will be adjusted for the season. Beginning Saturday, November 28th and Sunday, November 29th:

  • Saturday evening 5 pm: Church of Our Saviour will offer outdoor evening prayer, expanding our use of authorized liturgical resources. We will have lights and space heaters (it is cooler and darker than it used to be!), as well as a full sermon and live music. Please consider joining us for this growing service!

  • Sunday morning 8 am: Holy Eucharist Rite I will be streamed digitally from the sanctuary. At the close of the service, participants will be invited to either say the prayer for spiritual reception at home, or to drive to the traffic circle on campus (masked) and receive the bread at 10 am inside their car.

  • Sunday morning 9 am: Holy Eucharist Rite II will be streamed digitally from the patio. You are invited to attend in person or digitally! At the close of the service, participants on the patio will receive the bread of Communion. Participants watching at home are invited to say the prayer for spiritual reception at home or to drive to the traffic circle on campus (masked) and receive the bread at 10 am inside their car.

Second, we’re offering some opportunities next month for fellowship and theology. Thursday nights during Advent (Dec. 3, Dec. 10, and Dec. 17) at 5 pm, please join us for an “Hour of Happy” via Zoom. Simply grab a refreshment of your choice and sign on to Zoom for an “Advent for Dummies” presentation by the Rev. Anne Thornberg and me. Through these three hourlong classes, we will explore the history and meaning of Advent, with discussion, followed by fellowship time. If you’d like the Zoom link, please email

Last, I invite you to schedule a pilgrimage for this Advent. The week of Thanksgiving, I will be opening up Grace Chapel and organizing groups of less than ten (masked) to meditate in Grace Chapel together, followed by a brief conversation about Advent. These groups will meet on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons. To be scheduled for a pilgrimage, please email

Despite 2020’s twists and turns, Church of Our Saviour continues to be a beacon of hope and light in a broken world. Please join us this Advent!



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