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Letter from the Rector: A CHILD'S GARDEN SCHOOL NEWS

Dear siblings in Christ,

Spring Blessings! This week I shared the following news with our ACGS families and now write to inform our greater COS family.

There will be a change of leadership at our preschool, A Child’s Garden School (ACGS). As we all have learned and celebrated, Rose Sevigyan welcomed baby Enzo in early January. Until recently, Rose planned to return to her ACGS directorship at the beginning of April. We have recently learned that Rose will not returning to ACGS until June at the earliest.

At Rose’s request, the Rev. Anne Thornberg has been filling in as Interim Preschool Director. Now that Rose’s leave has been extended, ACGS must begin to plan for the 2023–2024 school year.

Thankfully, Lucero San Lucas, ACGS teacher since 2013, has agreed to step up as Interim Director of ACGS until Rose is able to return to her position. Lucero brings with her a breadth of wonderful experience as an ACGS teacher, as well as her work in the ACGS office. Lucero will be able to stay on as a teacher in her class while she fills this role thanks to the resourcefulness of her fellow teacher Cynthia Cordon, as well as former ACGS Preschool Director Evie Escatiola, who has also graciously agreed to fill in from time to time in the office. Please join me in welcoming Ms. Lucero into this new role as together we plan for a wonderful summer and fall at ACGS.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact me. My email address is The Rev. Jeff Thornberg I am committed to the success of each of our children and the ACGS school community.




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