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Letter from the Rector: A CASE FOR LOVE ON JAN. 23

Dear siblings in Christ,

I write to you today to invite you to participate in a very special community opportunity. “A Case for Love” is a documentary directed by Brian Ide. The film examines whether or not love, specifically unselfish love, is the solution to the extreme societal and political divide here in the U.S.


Now, more than ever, we live in a divided society. Many people have have adopted a tribal outlook, seeing the world from an “us versus them” point of view. This documentary focuses on everyday people from across the U.S., striving to live their lives selflessly while representing various ethnicities, walks of life, and socioeconomic backgrounds.


In addition to these people, well-known figures including Sec. Pete Buttigieg, Al Roker, Sam Waterston, Rev. Becca Stevens, Rep. John Clyburn, Dr. Russell Moore, Rev. Kelly Brown Douglas, Sen. John Danforth, Rabbi Yeheil Poupko, Dr. Mohamed Elsanousi, Rabbi Shoshanah Conover, and Jon Meacham, offer insights. Ultimately, our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry puts what we’ve seen into context.


“A Case for Love” explores the themes of racial justice, sexual identity, military service, foster care, politics, human trafficking, disability, loss of loved ones, refugees, volunteerism, food justice, and more. Bishop Curry highlights the film's focus as he offers a solution to what ails us: Love, specifically, Unselfish Love. As he writes in his latest book, "When love is the way, the earth will be a sanctuary. When love is the way, we will lay our swords and shields down by the riverside to study war no more. When love is the way, there's plenty of room for all of God's children. When love is the way, we actually treat each other, well, like we are actually family."


This documentary presents the viewer with information to explore whether living life more selflessly can cause positive change in themselves, those around them, and ultimately society at large. A secondary purpose of the documentary is to inspire viewers to live more selflessly and help heal our divide.


I would like to invite all of you to attend a showing of this documentary, together. The film is showing on Tuesday, January 23, at the Regal Edwards Alhambra theater at 1 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801. There are two showtimes: 4 pm and 7 pm.


Clyde Beswick and I will meet at COS on Jan. 23 with whoever is interested in attending one of the showings and caravan over to the movie theater (around 3 pm and 6 pm on those days). If you are interested, please sign up at the “A Case for Love” table on the patio on Sundays, or send a message to


Thank you so much to the leadership of Clyde Beswick, who has organized this event. And, thank you so much for being a part of Church of Our Saviour. We are a better icon of God’s unselfish love for the world because of your presence among us.



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