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A Christmas Message from the Rector

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas! Today, people across the globe are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. In an unprecedented, unimaginable and unparalleled act of divine love, God chose to be born and walk among us in Jesus. Hallelujah!

I arrived as Church of Our Saviour’s rector in September, 2019. My wife Anne (also an Episcopal priest) and our three daughters Eleanor (age 10) and Harriet (age 7) and Frances (age 4) feel deeply grateful to call Church of Our Saviour (and San Gabriel) home. We are thrilled to be sharing Christmas with this wonderful community!

Whether this is the first time you have joined us in worship, or you grew up in this church, we thank you for choosing to spend a portion of your Christmas season with us. We are better, and our celebration of the birth of Christ is more joyful, because you arrived to worship with us this day. Please know that your voice matters to me, and to the leadership in this community. Therefore, if you have feedback of any kind, please feel free to share it me, a staff member, or a member of Vestry (the board of the church organization).

If you have never been to an Episcopal church, some of our rituals may seem foreign. In your bulletin, you will see italicized “rubrics” to help guide you through the service. That being said, please know that whatever movement is occurring (or not occurring), you do not need to participate. We will not mind. You are welcome to receive communion of both kinds, or remain in your seat. Your presence among us is what matters most.

I pray that your celebration this season of Christmas is bright, joyous, and full of God’s grace.



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