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December 25th

The Thornbergs

Our Rector Jeff Thornberg and Chaplain Anne Thornberg, lead us in our first episode of Compline for the 12 Days of Christmas!

December 26th

The Rev. Marilyn Omernick and
Gabe Vazquez-Reyes

The Rev. Marilyn Omernick, retired Episcopal Priest and former Associate at COS, and Gabe Vazquez-Reyes, Youth Minister and Digital Media Creator, lead us in our second night of Compline!

December 27th

The Rev. Jeff Thornberg, Rose Gonzalez, Jose Vega and Maguerite Ponce

Rector Jeff Thornberg and staff members of the Dorris Dann Kids Campus (DDKC) and Our Saviour Center join us to lead Compline from the Art Room at DDKC!

December 28th

Ada Fu and Samanta Sun

Ada and Samantha are long time members of Church of Our Saviour's Mandarin Language Congregation.  Ada heads up the Altar Guild for the Holy Eucharist in Mandarin and Samantha runs the Live Stream Broadcast as well as other media assets!  Tonight they lead us in Compline in Mandarin!

December 29th

The Rev. Katherine Feng & Helen Liu

The Rev. Katherine Feng is a transitional Deacon at COS and long time minister here in the Mandarin and English speaking Communities.  She is joined by long time parishioner Helen Liu who is involved in many aspects of the Chinese Ministry on Campus!

December 30th

Hannah Riley, Sally & Harry Baldwin

Church of Our Saviour's Parish Secretary and Director of Communications joins her "Grandparents 2.0" long time parishioners, Sally & Harry Baldwin for a beautiful evening of Compline!

December 31st

A Child's Garden School Staff

Tonight we are joined by The Rev. Anne Thornberg, Chaplain to ACGS and Ms. Rose (A Child's Garden School Director) & Ms. Bree, Room 2 Teacher!

January 1st

The Rev. Bill Doulos & Tim Hartley

Tonight we are led by Deacon Bill and Tim, both of whom are involved with Jubilee Housing, our sober living and recover outreach here at COS!

January 2nd 

John & Peggy Vandercook

Tonight we are led by long time parishioners John & Peggy Vandercook!  They were married right here at COS and are involved in many aspects of our parish life!

January 3rd 

Juli Kennedy & Patti Beith

Tonight we are led by two parishioners who are deeply involved in so many aspects of our parish life here at COS, but are representing the Altar Guild, Juli Kennedy & Patti Beith!

January 4th

The Acolytes

Tonight we are joined by one of our incredible Acolyte teams and Acolyte Coordinator Hannah Riley!  They share their Christmas Traditions including a special Santa Sighting!

January 5th

Gabe, Taylor & Harper VR

Tonight we are led by Gabe (Youth Minister and Digital Content Producer) Taylor (Music Director for COS) and Harper (all around wonderful 3 year old)!

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