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Staff Cellist Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

Dustin Seo, COS’s staff cellist and head of the LAÓS Chamber Music Ministry, has been named a 2022 Episcopal Church Foundation Fellow! Following in the footsteps of our very own Fr. Thomas Ni, Dustin’s Ministry Fellowship includes a $15,000 personal use grant that will be resourced to the LAÓS ministry. “I am filled with gratitude that I’ve not only found a community which supports my spiritual growth here at COS but also my artistic growth within the Episcopal Diocese. That the ECF Fellowship allows me to celebrate God’s beauty through my love of music, and to be able to share that gift with my COS family and friends, is an incredible honor and opportunity.” Dustin is one of three awardees. ECF Ministry Fellows are chosen for their dedication to change in positive ways for individuals, groups, or communities that impact the ability to see and use God’s gifts. Since 1964, the ECF has awarded more than 200 fellowships to clergy and lay leaders whose ministries lead faith communities into the future in spiritually grounded, transformative, and innovative ways. LAÓS, a new ministry of COS which Dustin leads, focuses on bringing chamber music to varied audiences and uniting our partner ministries.

“The most exciting thing about this Fellowship is the opportunity to share with and learn from other leaders within the Episcopal Church on a national level and to work with them in a spiritual space. As a newcomer to liturgy and tradition, I am navigating my own spirituality and my love for music. I am excited to continue learning how my gifts intersect in this way and in a larger conversation with my fellow awardees.” Dustin learned of the ECF Fellowship opportunity through the Rev. Jeff Thornberg and was dually supported by Bishop John Taylor, whom Dustin praises for his guidance. “Bishop Taylor has given me the opportunity to dive deeper into the Diocese to form a fulfilling and authentic relationship, and I am truly grateful.”

The ECF Fellowship will provide Dustin with the opportunity to engage with previous and current ECF Fellows and their work. Dustin will also give a Keynote Presentation to the Foundation later this year. Congratulations, Dustin!


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