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Our Saviour Homecoming Sunday - COME CELEBRATE ON SEPT. 10th

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

In the American tradition, a church’s “Homecoming Sunday” is a day when parishioners and visitors “come home” to honor the anniversary of their church’s founding. It commemorates the date of the church’s creation and also honors its longevity.

In September of 1867, one of Church of Our Saviour’s founding members, Mrs. Benjamin D. Wilson, wrote a letter to her daughter-in-law. This letter was normal enough in its account of daily life in San Gabriel. However, Mrs. Wilson also wrote that she had gone to hear “the new minister” on a previous Sunday. This quick mention in her letter pinpoints the formal beginning of Church of Our Saviour and establishes our official anniversary. One hundred fifty-six years later, COS will hold its annual Our Saviour Homecoming Sunday on Sunday, September 10th.

Church services will take place this day at our regular times: 8 am Rite One, 10 am Rite Two, and 4 pm. But Our Saviour Homecoming Sunday will be anything but “regular.” At 10 am we will offer a joyful bilingual service in Mandarin and English. Our Saviour Choir will return under the direction of our new music director, Bob Crocker, with music that combines our English-speaking and Mandarin-speaking choirs. Staff cellist Dustin Seo and our Handbell Choir will accompany them. And, of course, our rector Jeff Thornberg will preach a sermon to remember.

And the cherry on top of Our Saviour Homecoming Sunday? Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream will be hosting a fundraiser beginning at 11:30 am dishing up joy to COS and the community. We’ll also have a bouncy house, a bubble station, delicious sandwiches, and lots of fellowship.

Since our humble beginnings in 1867, COS has blossomed into a vibrant church and family. Please join us on September 10th for this incredible celebration. Bring a friend or invite someone who has been away for a while. Save lots of room for ice cream and “come home” to Church of Our Saviour.

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