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Meet Your Vestry Slate 2022 (Part 2 of 2)

In this article, we will be introducing the final three candidates of our 2022 Vestry Slate - David WeiQing Han, Gary Kinsley, and Kari Stewart. Annual meeting will be held in our Historic Sanctuary with an online option on Sunday, Feb.27th, at 9 am. A parish breakfast will be offered before the meeting in Cleaver Hall at 8 am.


David WeiQing Han

I have been attending Church of Our Savior for about five years.

It was the first church I ever attended and is where I was baptized.

My family has also been baptized at this church. My wife now is volunteering in our children’s Sunday school classes, and my sons are acolytes.

We are all happy to serve God’s glory.


Gary Kinsley

My wife Joanna and I joined COS in 1987. Together, she and I sell used books on the church patio on Sundays to support the Music Ministry.

Before the pandemic, I was involved with the Chinese ministry, teaching English classes. I also spend time helping in the Sacred Garden. I have been a loyal supporter of Yoga classes at COS for over a decade.

I look forward to supporting this wonderful church through the Vestry.


Kari Stewart

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the community of Church of Our Saviour over several decades now—as a teenager attending with my family, as a young adult getting married at COS, and now as a parent of a lively daughter who is a junior acolyte and is just starting out in choir.

I’ve had many delightful experiences in our church: in youth group programs as a teenager, the wonderful small group Bible studies with my husband as a young married couple, Chinese cooking classes sponsored by our Chinese congregation, women’s retreats, and now as a parent I’ve been blessed to watch my daughter grow up in our beautiful sanctuary—learning to walk and talk during the 10 am service. She especially loved our adult choir and organ music and would often interrupt the service to clap her enthusiasm. I was attracted to the robust curriculum of Sewanee’s Education for Ministry program when it was first facilitated at our church by the Rev. Ada Wong-Nagata and Susan Salisbury back in 2010, and I have helped facilitate a small group at our church as an EfM mentor since 2012. I have had the great privilege to serve on two discernment committees and also helped with the Search Committee that called our current Rector.

I’m honored to be asked to serve again, this time on Vestry. I value our church family and look forward to building a stronger community.

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