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Dear siblings in Christ,

As of July, Jubilee Homes will have been offering safe refuge and recovery ministry for nineteen years at Church of Our Saviour. The Rev. Deacon Bill Doulos’s dedication to Church of Our Saviour is made manifest in this ministry he began nearly two decades ago. This Sunday, COS will be blessed to hear the reflections and experiences of several residents of Jubilee Homes in place of the weekly sermon. I invite you to listen, take heart, and donate to Jubilee Homes as you feel called.

Each day, Deacon Bill has shared his talents, faith, and joy not only on campus but also across the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. Simply put, Bill is irreplaceable. No one could ever replicate the joy, faith, wisdom, and humor Bill shares with us in his myriad ways.

Nevertheless, it would be naïve to believe that Bill will serve at Jubilee Housing forever, or that his amazing ministry would be able to function as it is without him. Over the past year, your vestry and I have begun the slow, methodical process of learning as much from Bill as we can, in order that we might build the institutional wisdom to support Jubilee indefinitely in our common life. We have work to do together if we are to ensure that Church of Our Saviour, and Jubilee Housing in particular, continue and expand their recovery ministries in the San Gabriel Valley.

To be clear, Bill is not going anywhere anytime soon. Nothing is changing this year or next year. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly ask for your prayers and donations for Jubilee Housing this week, and for your thoughts and guidance in the months and years to come as we celebrate Bill and ensure the legacy of his ministry.



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Jun 18, 2021

How very blessed we are to have Annie as Assoc. for Children's Ministry AND Chaplain to our Child's Garden Preschool.

AND we are also blessed to have Tim Hartley at COS as a Seminarian Intern AND Taylor Vasquez will be our new Music Director. Thank you Jeff for loving us so much that you surround us with such talented and amazing people who walk so closely with Christ. Keeping all in my prayers.

With joy and love...........Sally Baldwin

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