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Gabe Vazquez-Reyes Transitions to New Position in Emerging Ministry

With a combination of happiness for him and sadness for us, we are writing to share that Gabe Vazquez-Reyes will be leaving Church of Our Saviour (COS) staff effective January 1, 2023.

Gabe has been an essential fixture at COS since he was hired almost a decade ago in 2013. From his start working in the offices at Our Saviour Center to his creative skills as Communications Director, to his amazing ministry with young people as Youth Minister, to his current role as IT/Digital Content Manager,

Gabe’s incredible breadth of technical knowledge and love for our community have made him a vital member of our parish life.

During the pandemic, Gabe spearheaded the technology upgrade of our historic sanctuary so that we could offer livestreamed worship, bringing the experience of worship into people’s homes. Through his leadership, COS embarked on a plan to bring high speed internet into all of our worship spaces and Cleaver Hall, installing high definition cameras and provisioning two production computers for streaming and for future video needs for both English and Mandarin language speaking communities.

When asked what one of his favorite moments at COS was, Gabe remembered: “For Palm Sunday of 2020, we filmed the Thornberg girls and my little daughter Harper running through the campus and church with palms. It was so much fun filming them and then working that into our Sunday liturgy video.” You can watch the video here:

Gabe has accepted a position at the Center for Lay Chaplaincy. He will be doing both administrative and IT work as well as managing the center’s digital and online content.

In honor of Gabe’s leaving, we'll be holding a celebration after the New Year—time and location to be announced.

Thank you, Gabe, for your incredible contributions to our team and our parish. We will certainly miss you. We wish you many blessings in this next chapter, and we look forward to seeing you and your beautiful family in the pews in the future.


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