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All About Our Altar Guild!

The Altar Guild is a volunteer group of devoted, hard-working women who share the joy of serving the Lord by caring for the altar, altar linens, vestments, and vessels within our historic sanctuary. Comprised of members of COS’s English and Chinese congregations, the Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for church services and disassembles it once services are completed.

There are four teams within the Altar Guild, with each team responsible for one week per month. From Saturday to Friday, a team prepares the Church, Grace Chapel, and the Sacred Garden for Sunday services. Mid-week special services, such as Ash Wednesday, Holy week, weddings or funerals, requires participation from all members of the Altar Guild.

The group meets monthly, alternating between the third Wednesday and third Saturday, to accommodate working members. Meetings include updates from Fr. Thornberg, who gives procedural updates, discusses changes or apprises the Altar Guild of any special services. The Guild, when originally formed, was placed under the direct supervision of the Rector, and thus, is why it not only maintains its own budget, but does not report to the Vestry!

Altar Guild members, through dues, donations, and fundraising, use their budget to purchase the items required at all Church services, such as candles, wafers, flowers, and linens. They also purchase the silver and brass pieces used for the Holy Eucharist, vestments worn by clergy, and even the red rug inside the sanctuary. Memorial and flower donations from parishioners support the purchase of flowers on Sundays and special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter. The Altar Guild also designs all the beautiful floral arrangements visible throughout the campus.

The Altar Guild is blessed with generous and faithful women of Church of Our Saviour who work together to care for God’s House. Supporting one another, lifelong friendships are created and a deep bond forms among its members. The Guild is open to and welcomes all women at COS. To learn more or to join, we encourage you to contact Directress Patti Beith at !


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