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A Sacred Garden Update: PROGRESS & WISHLISTS!

Hopefully you have been able to peek in the Sacred Garden recently to see all of the progress that has been made and the many signs of Spring that are staring to pop up!

Despite all of the rain, our compost piles are still cooking and our community has saved 3,296 pounds of green waste from the landfills! By our year anniversary in April we will be approaching the TWO TON mark - that is an incredible achievement for our little corner of the world! Thank you to all who have been trekking your scraps to COS.

The Garden is sending out a very special thank you to Josh Ellison and Dennis Duling, who have finished our new shed that will house special event tables and chairs and other large items in the Garden. It matches our greenhouse hut and looks so perfect tucked in the Garden.

And special thanks to Linda Goluskin as well — as she has scavenged a few great shelf finds that are helping us look a little more orderly in, and around, the greenhouse.

As you wander around the garden you may also see a few raised beds to the left of the greenhouse. We have repurposed some beds that were not being used and the ACGS classes are experimenting with growing pumpkins and some other edible crops, including a “living tunnel” that will hopefully look something like this by summer (see picture on left).

The Garden always has some project being dreamt up, plants that need tending or a bed that would like a good weeding. If that sounds like fun and you are looking to get your hands dirty, join us for some nature therapy at our next Sacred Garden work day Saturday, February 4th at 9 am.

Also, many people have asked if the Garden has a wishlist, or other supplies that we are looking for and the answer is “ALWAYS!”

Click HERE to see our living wishlist. Here is where we will keep the list updated as we receive donations, and discover new wishes. A few of our items are also listed below. Please contact Carrie at with any questions you may have or if you have donations/items that you need help transporting (or digging up/out!).

Seeds / Bulbs / Tubers / Plants

  • Dahlias (tubers and/or plants preferred – planting time March - May)

  • Sunflowers (seeds – planting time March - September)

  • Calla lilies - white varieties (tubers and/or plants – planting time December - March)

  • Lisianthus - any colors but especially white + purple (seedlings preferred they are hard to grow from seed! Planting time March - June)

  • Catmint, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Scented Geranium, Basil, Bee Balm (seedlings/plants/cuttings from your yard…we will take any of these, at any time. We are working on some perennial border beds and all of these will provide some mosquito repellents, food for pollinators, and are just pretty!)

  • Any bulbs, seeds, or divisions from plants that grow well in your yard! We have many areas that could use some pretty greening up or flowers — both shaded and sunny areas.

  • Replacement shrubs for behind the greenhouse/hut. We were gifted these shrubs last year and a few didn’t survive the transplant but we’d love to replace them to create a hedge to hide the cemetery shed.

Maintenance Items

  • Heavy duty hose reel/ management system

  • Timers (for hoses + watering)

  • Solar water “bubbler” (we would like to have a water source/bird bath for pollinators + birds, but cannot have standing water - pesky mosquitoes!) Click HERE to see an example of what would help.

  • Citrus tree fertilizer (we have many citrus + avocado trees that require feeding several times a year)

  • Fish emulsion fertilizer (it is smelly but it works!)

  • Mighty Mint Rodent Spray (works to keep the squirrels away from the bulbs but is all natural and safe for other critters + kids!

  • Drip irrigation kit for raised beds (ACGS kids are using the raised beds to grow pumpkins!)


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