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A Letter from Staff Cellist Dustin Seo: INTO THE NIGHT CONCERT

Dear COS family,

It has been an honor to be welcomed to this beautiful community, and it is so humbling to be able to musically collaborate with Jane, Church of Our Saviour’s accompanist, every Sunday as a spiritual offering. In July, I had the opportunity to present an evening of chamber music here at COS, simply as an expression of gratitude to be invited to this family. It was so heartwarming to receive so much support, and I am excited to share another evening of chamber music this upcoming Saturday, 10/30 at 5pm in the Historic Sanctuary.

Titled “Into the Night,” the program explores how night can both signal the end of the day and a moment of rest as well as signal the birth of darkness, mischief, and vulnerability. I am particularly excited to share Arnold Schoenberg’s “Verklarte Nacht,” which is considered one of the most important works of the early 20th century. This piece, which was inspired by a poem of the same name by Richard Dehmal, explores themes of guilt and shame, and finding “transfiguration” by confronting your most vulnerable demons.

I am so excited to offer this program with my close colleagues and mentors, who are also young Los Angeles based musicians. I am so grateful for the invitation to share my heart through my music, and am also so excited to extend that invitation back to the COS community, and the SGV community at large.

With love,

Dustin Seo, COS Staff Cellist

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