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COS Cellist Dustin Seo (center) rehearses with Sunwoo Lee (left) and Chandler Yu (right).

Dear COS family,

I am so thrilled to invite you to join us for the opening concert of our inaugural season of Laós Chamber Music. Titled "Mosaic," it will be exploring an eclectic program including selections from J. S. Bach's masterpiece Goldberg Variations, Los Angeles composer Andrew Norman's The Companion Guide to Rome, and Antonin Dvorak's celebrated Piano Quintet in A Major. Like a Mosaic, each piece shares many intimate and small "tiles" of music which come together to create a larger work of art.

Written for a restless count, the Goldberg Variations takes a simple bassline and develops variations of short harmonic puzzles to accompany the count through the night. Inspired by the great cathedrals of Rome, The Companion Guide to Rome explores wild and unique musical textures juxtaposed with one another, similar to many Roman cathedrals that have endured centuries of renovations, restorations, and reconstruction and ultimately stand beautifully as an amalgamation of different architectural styles, material, and building practices. Finally, written during a politically tense period between Czech and Austrian communities, Dvorak's Piano Quintet in A Major builds what is now considered one of the most important works of chamber music by exploring both the musical practices of the classical Viennese school and Czech musical folk styles.

Our community is where I often find inspiration for concert narratives, and that inspiration becomes offerings to COS. I have been blessed to experience this parish at the community and the individual level. I always learn something incredibly unique about each individual person—we all have our own perspectives, our own gifts to offer, and our own insights as to what makes COS such a special home. Like a Mosaic, our seemingly unique "parishioner" tiles come together to build our beautiful and loving community.

I hope to see you at our concert this Saturday, October 1, at 7 pm here at the Historic Sanctuary at Church of Our Saviour.

With love,

Dustin Seo, COS Staff Cellist

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